• Welcome to Vilonia Christmas Angel

    Welcome to the Vilonia Christmas Angel website! We are excited to be serving families in and around Vilonia.


    Families will be available for sponsorship on or about November 10.

    Your gifts will need to be dropped off at Vilonia First Baptist Church on December 7th, from 8:00 to 1:00 and 3:15 to 7:00. If the drop-off location changes, someone will notify you.


    To sponsor a family this Christmas, simply create an account and choose from the families who have signed up to participate in the Vilonia Christmas Angel program. A full sponsorship requires approximately $150 per child. Please try to choose some items from the needs and wish lists. We welcome families or community groups to partner together to sponsor an entire family. Please try to remain within the monetary guidelines so that children will receive relatively equal gifts, particularly within a family.

    If no families are available with the number of children you wish to sponsor, please contact us at AmyBalentine74@gmail.com. Let us know the number of children you want to sponsor and we'll respond as quickly as possible.


    If you are a school counselor, you can add families who need to be sponsored through our program. To begin, simply create an account through this website. You will need a counselor's Access Code to begin the process.